Earth Day 2020: GET READY! Our 10th Annual Vancouver Earth Day Celebration will take place on April 18, 2020!

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2019 Earth Day Parade. Photo Credit of Michael Wheatley. Please do not reproduce or print.

Festival Advice 

TIP #1: If planning to drive somewhere in the area between just before 1 pm and around 2 pm, don’t plan to go north on Commercial between Grandview Highway and William Street. The entire two lanes of northbound traffic will be full of people marching. It’s not a long parade, but traffic is completely blocked in the one direction for the duration of the parade.

TIP #2: Don’t drive to the Earth Day Parade. It’s Earth Day after all. Take public transit, walk or ride your bike!

TIP #3: Don’t forget to take your reusable water bottle, environmentally-friendly costume and your camera!

TIP #4: While you’re in the area, explore Commercial Drive. It’s a fabulous street with all kinds of interesting shops, cafes and restaurants.

This Years Earth Day Poster:

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Here's a video from David Suzuki supporting Y4CJN: