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Kalilah Rampanen hasatuƛ - strong, vibrant voice 

"Kalilah's ancestry stems from Nuu-chah-nulth, Cree and Finnish roots. She is 15 and a gifted musician/songwriter that is strongly connected to her traditional territories. She uses her voice and lyrics like a war club that strikes with truth and ancestral wisdom. A warrior fighting and leading the way through a battle waged upon environmental destruction, colonialism and corporate greed… she strikes fear in her enemies with a no-nonsense style of lyrical prowess and crushing guitar riffs. Her message is strong, loud and clear… “The power of our people comes from the people taking power!” Kalilah was emotionally motivated through the life-shifting experiences of severe flooding during the winter that forced us to evacuate our home and then the following summer a drought that saw hundreds (perhaps thousands) of dead salmon floating downriver before spawning. An even more eye-opening exposure to climate change came when a mountain close to our home, in a temperate rainforest, caught fire and threatened our home once again. During these moments that happened in all in one year was what inspired her to write a song on the climate changing before her eyes called "Higher and Higher".

Luke Wallace

Luke Wallace is a 22 year old folk musician from Vancouver, Canada. His music revolves around the ideas of conservation and environmental action. Some would call it "folkivism". Over the last two years he has been working in collaboration with indigenous communities, conservation groups and grassroots organizations in an attempt to raise awareness about conservation efforts occuring along the West Coast of Canada. Many of these projects are situated around the expansion of oil and gas pipelines that put local communities, ecosystems and the gobal community as a whole at risk. He uses music as a platform to share their stories of resistance and hope to take their efforts as inspiration for his song writing.

The Nautical Miles

The Nautical Miles are a four-piece alt-root band from Vancouver. Whether collaborting with jazz artists for mash-up performances, with visual artists for a year long song blog, with bluegrass bands or brass quintets, The Nautical Miles continue to push the boundaries of contemporary Canadian folk music. With this band, you can never be certain what will come next, only that you don't want to miss it.

And there are many more so come down and see!